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Indie Horror Film THE HANOVER HOUSE Trailer

By: Kyle Reese

Indie Horror Film THE HANOVER HOUSE Trailer

It is good when you invest in a project on Kickstarter and the project actually gets completed. That is the case with the film we help get made called THE HANOVER HOUSE. The trailer was just released and we have it for you right now.

The film was directed by Corey Norman and stars Brian Chamberlain, Casey Turner, Anne Bobby, and Daniel Noel.

The film looks pretty good and we are siked to get the finished film soon. Check out the trailer and press release for THE HANOVER HOUSE after the jump.

Official website: The Hanover House

Other places to get news: The Hanover House Facebook

Synopsis: Returning from his father's funeral, Robert Foster is faced with the unimaginable; he hits a young girl with his car. In a desperate attempt to save her life, he seeks help at a nearby farmhouse. Little does Robert know that the house has been waiting for him his entire life. Once inside it's walls, Robert must overcome his own personal demons in an attempt to save both his wife, and himself. But there's a problem, the house gets what it wants.


Unlike other films in the genre, The Hanover House was filmed in an actual haunted Maine farmhouse.  While on set, the cast and crew experienced cold spots, shadow people, floating orbs and a full body apparition.  The film also marks the return to the horror genre for actress Anne Bobby, best known for her starring role as Lori in Clive Barker's Night Breed.  Also starring: Brian Chamberlain (Showtime's Dexter ARG), Casey Turner (See Girl Run), Lisa van Oosterum (Pokemon), Daniel Noel (ABC's Loving), Erik Moody (Ragged Isle), Rick Dalton (Ragged Isle) and Shannon Campbell (History Channel's Witch Hunt). 

Director Corey Norman is no stranger to filmmaking.  He has worked for clients such as: History Channel, Nova, National Geographic and Discovery. He was an assistant editor on Nova's Bioterror, done in conjunction with the New York Times, which won a Best News and Documentary Emmy Award. In 2011, he was honored as one of Maine Today Media's "Forty Under 40" for his work.  Earlier this year Corey directed and edited Last Chance to Reason's "Upload Complete" music video for Prosthetic Records, which has just shy of 80,000 YouTube plays.  His previous film, "The Barn" was accepted into nine national horror festivals including Fright Night and The Indie Horror Film Festival.

Comic book writers Neil Gaiman (Sandman) and Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine) have both publically endorse the film through their Facebook and Twitter feeds.   

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