Best Director
Zack Parker - Proxy
Jim Jarmusch – Only Lovers Left Alive
Alexander Ajia - Horns
Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer – Starry Eyes
Jennifer Kent – The Babadook
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Best Actress
Jill Larson – The Taking Of Deborah Logan
Kristi Ray - Pieces Of Talent
Essie Davis – The Babadook
Alex Essoe – Starry Eyes
Olivia Cooke - Oujia
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Best Actor
Bill Oberst Jr – Circus of the Dead/ Children of Sorrow
Pat Healy – Cheap Thrills
Taika Waititi – What We Do In The Shadows
Ryan Kiser – Truth Or Dare
Shane Johnson – The Possession Of Michael King
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Best Horror Comedy
Bloodsucka Jones
Return to Nuke’em High
What We Do In The Shadows
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Best Found Footage/ POV Film
The Taking Of Deborah Logan
As Above, So Below
The Den
Willow Creek
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Disturbing /Brutal/Gorey
Circus Of The Dead
Truth Or Dare
The Cemetery
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Best Sci-Fi/ Horror Film
Crawl or Die
Not Human
The Guest
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Best Slasher Film
Shock Value
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
So No Evil 2
Stage Fright
Pieces Of Talent
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Best Vampire/Werewolf Film
Only Lovers Left Alive
What We Do In The Shadows
Late Phases
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Best Zombie Film
Zombie Isle
The Dead 2
Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead
Open Grave
The Battery
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Best Possession/Supernatural Film
The Possession Of Michael King
The Babadook
All Cheerleaders Die
At The Devil's Door
The Quiet Ones
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Best Religious Horror Film
The Sacrament
Starry Eyes
Children Of Sorrow
Devil’s Incarnate
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Best Horror Anthology
ABC of Death 2
V/H/S: Viral
Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales
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Best Horror Comic
The October Faction
The Strain
Escape From Jesus Island
The Devilers
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Best Horror Poster
As Above, So Below
Willow Creek
Starry Eyes
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El Bosque de los Sometidos (THE FLAYING) Trailer

By: Kyle Reese

El Bosque de los Sometidos (THE FLAYING) Trailer

Here is a cool looking film from Argentina called El Bosque de los Sometidos or THE FLAYING in English. The trailer has some cool images and the main villain looks pretty sick and I think he popped out of a fire place in the trailer just wearing underwear, weird. Expect a nice body count and lots of blood based on the trailer. 

The film is directed by Nicolas Amelio Ortiz and stars Olivia Tykocki, Juan Sebastian Alvarez Windey, Celeste Subatin, Emilio Martin.

It has a release date of March 2012 on Facebook, but I assume it missed its release date. Anyway check out the trailer for El Bosque de los Sometidos (THE FLAYING) after the jump.

Official website: The Flaying Facebook

Synopsis: Four friends embark on a journey through the countryside in order to film an illegal race to be held in Cordoba. Along the way, kids find a mysterious ruined castle in a forest and decide to investigate, only to discover its dark secrets and former residents.

Source: Horrorpilot

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Reader Comments (1)

Looks Like something out of a Del Toro flick Blade 2 to be exact

August 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBanana Squid

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