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LOVELY MOLLY Official Release Info & DVD Special Features Video "Is It Real?"

By: AC

LOVELY MOLLY Official Release Info & DVD Special Features Video "Is It Real?"

It looks like Image Entertainment will be releasing the disturbing Lovely Molly Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download August 28th. Along with the release they have release a special featurette from the DVD called "Is It Real?" I am not sure if this was one of the videos they released before the film went to theaters, but either way it has been a while so why not watch it. As for the film I thought it was alright, but if you haven't watched it then it is worth a watch. You can read my review for Lovely Molly and then have a look at the press release, plus see the video "Is It Real?" below.

Press release:

Image Entertainment presents the chilling and disturbing LOVELY MOLLY, which is arriving on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download on August 28th. Fresh from its critically acclaimed national theatrical engagements, LOVELY MOLLY is from the Executive Producer of the Lord of the Rings and marks the long overdue return to first-person horror from Eduardo Sánchez, the co-director of the revolutionary horror film The Blair Witch Project. 

When newlywed Molly Reynolds (Gretchen Lodge) moves back into her long-abandoned childhood home, she begins to experience unnerving and impossible things. What starts as a simple story about things that go bump in the night escalates into a battle for dominion over Molly's spirit, as she is beset by a cunning, malevolent force bent on wreaking havoc and terror on Molly and her family. Richly exploring the parallels between psychosis, addiction, and demonic possession to chilling effect, LOVELY MOLLY shows us what really happens before the exorcist arrives.

Below please find links to download a new DVD Special Feature from LOVELY MOLLY. The 6 1/2 minute feature "Is It Real?" focuses on the strange noises and events that happened in the house while the LOVELY MOLLY cast & crew were filming. 

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