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Help Fund CHRYSALIS - A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Film

By: Kyle Reese

Help Fund CHRYSALIS - A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Film

We have been backing a lot of projects in the last several months, 30 I think in all and we have found another one that we are excited about. The film is called CHRYSALIS, it is a post-apocalyptic horror film that can be summoned up as The Road meets 28 Days Later. The film is being directed by John Klein and man does this film look good. From the footage they are using for the Kickstarter campaign I see a ton of potential.

First it looks like John Klein knows what he is doing. Second the setting looks apocalyptic and depressing. Third, the acting seems very good. Fourth, the use of lighting in the action scenes works to give tension. Lastly, the infected, you can't really see them, but I am already scared for the survivors.

If you have love for these types of film, then you need to check out the trailer and see what you would be backing. If you like what you see then donate, even something small, but let's get this film made. Check out the CHRYSALIS trailer and where to help fund after the jump.

Kickstart here: Chrysalis

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