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Resident Evil 6 RE.Net Trailer [HD] 


Resident Evil 6 RE.Net Trailer [HD]

Resident Evil 6 recently revealed a trailer for it's new website that will for some enhance their experience with RE6.  The site sort of reminds me of the COD Elite package that was released where they keep track of your friends and all of your kills and various stats throughout the game.  Also they will have special events during specific dates and bonuses for players that are linked with the site again sort of like Gears of War and Halo has had.  The one good thing is that as far as I can see this will be free.  So if you buy the game I do not think you need to spend additional money on this service.  Which is really how it should be.  You can check out the trailer below and it will explain all of the benefits for the new site.

Website: residentevil.net/

Source: youtube.com/Machinima

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