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Crawlspace (2012) - Official HD trailer #1 


Crawlspace (2012) - Official HD trailer #1

Not really sure if this is a remake of the TV movie or even the one with Klaus Kinski in it.  Or it is just using the name Crawlspace.  Either way just from the name and poster you kind of get the gist of the film, but there definitely seems to be some twist as you will see in the trailer.  The film I believe is being released this year and if I see a definitive release date I will update the post.  You can check out the trailer below.

Directed by: Josh Stolberg
Written by: Josh Stolberg, Nick Taravella

Synopsis:  The Gates family's new dream home quickly turns into a living nightmare, in this disturbing thriller packed with suspense, horror and terrifying twists.

In a charming and quiet suburban town, Tim (Jonathan Silverman -- In Case of Emergency) and Susan Gates (Lori Loughlin -- 90210, Full House) have found their perfect new house, and their lively daughter Kayla has just returned home from college to help with the big move alongside her brothers, Shane and Taylor. But behind the picture of suburban bliss is an altogether more sinister story.

During the move, Tim reluctantly reveals his knowledge of the house's dark past -- the story of two small children who drowned in the pool and the parents who were forced to move out due to a foreclosure.

As the family settles in to their new home, a series of eerie events begin to suggest that all is not as it should be. Unexplained footsteps, misplaced tools, electronics going haywire and sinister warnings from their new neighbor quickly erode their happiness as anxiety and fear gradually take over their lives.

Unbeknownst to them, their cosy little home has an uninvited guest; the deranged previous owner, Alden (Steven Weber -- The Shining, Desperation), has returned. Living in the walls and obsessively watching the new owners, as the last vestiges of his sanity disappear, his true intentions become horrifyingly clear.

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