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FEARnet's Funhouse (Every Sat and Sun 10am-12pm)


FEARnet's Funhouse (Every Sat and Sun 10am-12pm)

You might be asking yourself "What is FEARnet's Funhouse"?  Well I will tell ya.  It is a 2 hour block of programming that will actually give you something to watch on Sat and Sun mornings.  In the tradition of Saturday Morning cartoons this will be a great throwback to that great time in a lot of people's lives.  FEARnet has The Real Ghostbusters,Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Eerie Indiana and Dark Oracle as part of their Funhouse line up.  I love the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and was extremely excited when the box set was released.  Not a lot of people probably remember the Tales from the Cryptkeeper cartoon or Eerie Indiana.  I have season 1 of Tales from the Cryptkeeper and the complete season of Eerie Indiana.  I believe Eerie Indiana use to be shown on Sundays and I enjoyed the show a lot.  I have never seen Dark Oracle but would like to find out more about it.  It is a very nice two hour block of shows and maybe this will lead to more shows being added to the Funhouse.  The programming started in August so don't miss out on some cool shows that some might have missed the first time they were originally on TV.

Website: fearnet.com/

Source: fearnet.com/shows/funhouse/videos#video-361417

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