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Audio Interview With Writer / Director Travis Legge 

By: AC

Audio Interview With Writer / Director Travis Legge 

Not too long ago on Kickstarter I saw a project that starred two horror actresses Debbie Rochon and Suzi Lorraine. Noticing the names I clicked on the project thinking it was going to be a horror film, but instead it was for a Rom-Com called Dry Spell. When I saw that the person who posted the project was Travis Legge I thought okay I can get behind this.

Travis directed Raymond Did It and since I enjoyed that film and had no doubt he could deliver a comedy film. Plus I was curious to see how Rochon and Lorraine would do in a non horror film. Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign was not successful, but it did have over a hundred backers, so I reached out to Travis to see if he wanted to speak about the film.

I got together with Travis this weekend over Skype not only to talk about Dry Spell, but also Raymond Did It and filmmaking in general and man was he honest. If you are an indie director, filmmaker or fan you have to hear what Travis has to say about the business and by the end you will want to support indie films even more.

You can listen to the audio interview with Travis Legge and find out how to support Dry Spell on IndieGoGO below. 

Help fund Dry Spell by clicking HERE.


Audio Interview With Travis Legge Click HERE

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