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PROMETHEUS Blu-ray Set To Answer Some Important Questions?

By: Kyle Reese

PROMETHEUS Blu-ray Set To Answer Some Important Questions?

Even though I had a lot of issues with the film the PROMETHEUS DVD/ Blu-ray is going to be packed with some many thing that I have to buy it. I am hoping that the audio commentary by writer's Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindlof will answer a lot of my questions or the audio commentary by Ridley Scott. 

There are also two bonus features that I really want to check out "Demons In The Dark" the creature design doc for the film and "Fire From The Sky" showing the visual effects fo the film. Both extras run about thirty minutes long. On top of that there is an hour and a half documentary called "A Film Thirty Years In The Making" that I really want to check out.

We will also get a bunch of deleted scenes. Who knows after check out all the extras of the disc it might answer some of my questions and I might see the film in a new whole light. Check out all the goodies that come with the PROMETHEUS disc after the jump.

Prometheus features:

Audio Commentary By Writer Jon Spaihts and Writer/Executive Producer Damon Lindlof [118:38] 
Director's Audio Commentary [118:38] 
Demons in the dark – Creature Design [26:57]
Fire From The Sky – Visual Effects [23:33]
Hazard Pay – Stunts and Action [23:46]


The Title Conundrum [2:29]
Prometheus: The Board Game [3:12]
Sexburster [1:46]
Knick Knacks of Tomorrow [4:30]
Fun With Molecular Gastronomy [5:57]
Building Better Logos [2:13]
Maker's Mark [1:51]
The Ampule Shoppe [2:02]
Language of The Gods [3:45]
First Exposure: Alien [5:31]
Body Mechanics: Trilobite [1:04]
Xenomorphology: The Deacon [1:20]
Constrictive Construction [1:55]
Chair Fetish [3:53]
One Day In Africa [1:47]
Location: Iceland [3:24]
The Art of Terraforming [1:29]
Battle of the Planets: LV-223 VS. LV-426 [3:07]
All Things Holographic [6:00]
Weyland's Wet Dream [2:31]
The Case of the Fanfic Fake [2:24]
Merging Ridleyverses [0:58]
Gigeresque [3:46]

Prologue [3:57]
Discovering the Planet [1:03]
Med-Pod Sequence: PG-13 Version [4:11]
Med-Pod Sequence: R Version [4:08]
Awaking the Engineer [6:26]
Prometheus vs. Juggernaut [4:40]

Noomi Rapace Screen Test [9:29]
Hair/Make-up/Costume Screen Test [10:58]
Costume/Make-up/Hair Test with Optional Commentary by the cast – 18 March 2011-Pinewood Studios [10:58]
Prometheus Unbound: Post-Production and Release [29:26]
Charlize on Vickers [1:15]
Logan on Holloway [1:10]
Noomi Rapace on Shaw [1:31]
Shaw [1:15] 


Creation [3:11]
International Creation [3:11]

VIRAL VIDEO: Quiet Eye: Elizabeth Shaw [2:23]
VIRAL VIDEO: Prometheus Transmission [6:44]
VIRAL VIDEO: Happy Birthday David [2:15]
VIRAL VIDEO: TED Conference 2023 [6:34]

USCSS Prometheus [15:36]
Under the Pyramid – LV-223 [23:32]
TIME-LAPSE SEQUENCE: Juggernaut [1:44]
TIME-LAPSE SEQUENCE: Juggernaut with Optional Commentary by Production Designer  Arthur Max [1:44]
TV SPOT: Trailer Announcment [0:19]
Space Travel [2:12]
ITUNES “Tomorrow” [0:29]
I TUNES “2 Days” [0:29]
ITUNES “3 Days [0:29] 
Int’l Trailer E Cutdown Soft [0:57]
Vision of Prometheus [2:17]
First Look [11:31]
Arrival of the Engineers [2:31]
Tis the Season [0:58]
Our First Alien [0:42]
Skin [0:42]
We're Not Alone Anymore [1:22]
Strange Bedfellows [2:57]
Holloway Hungover [1:25]
David's Objective [0:23]
Janek Fills Vickers In [3:27]
A King Has His Reign [3:40]
Fifeild Attacks [2:01]
The Engineer Speaks [4:06]
Final Battle [5:30]
Paradise [5:05]
Int’l Invitation [0:57]
Int’l Story/Event P/S ALT [0:29]
Story/Young Male/B [0:28]
21 Trailer Cutdown [0:28]
Star/Vickers 15 [0:14]
Star/David 15 [0:14]
Star/Actions/Combo 15 [0:14]
Star/Thousands 15 [0:14]
Int’l Arrive [0:28]
Int’l Explain [0:28]
Story/Event P/S [0:28]
Int’l Agenda [0:28]
Int’l Star Map Hard [0:28]
Int’l Feel [0:28]
Int’l Extinction [0:28]
Int’l Star Map Softer RS [0:28]
Int’l Story Character Soft RS [0:28]
Int’l Star Map Soft Oz [0:28]
Int’l Story Character Oz [0:28]
Int’l Star Map Soft [0:28]
Int’l Story Character S/B [0:28]
Int’l Trailer E Cutdown [0:57]
Int’l Post Trailer [0:19]
A Film Thirty Years In The Making [1:33] 

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Reader Comments (1)

I too had problems wth this movie but will def buy the Blu-Ray for the visuals and the shitload of content

August 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterApex Predator

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