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Tension & Horror ALIENS: Colonial Marines Video

By: Kyle Reese

Tension & Horror ALIENS: Colonial Marines Video

Here is a new diary video for Sega's ALIENS: Colonial Marines that explores the tension and horror in the game. Not only are we going to get and play in familiar areas seen in the film, but also new areas within that world. All the areas seem to be dark and creepy giving you that tension waiting for a damn alien to attack, that plus that freaking motion sensor beeping, going off, faster and faster doesn't help either. That beeping is going to have me going crazy with anticipation, waiting for the xenomorph to pop up.

One of the other cool things you hear in this video is the fact that we will get to explore the Space Jockey's ship. Add to that all the original sounds from the Aliens films and we will hopefully have something ALIENS fans can enjoy playing. I hear the James Horner score at the end of the video. If they use his score in the game it will be amazing.

Check out the Tension & Horror ALIENS: Colonial Marines video after the jump. 

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