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Grimm - All of Season One in Seven Minutes


Grimm - All of Season One in Seven Minutes

One of the shows that I was excited to watch after I started reading articles about it was Grimm.  I have been watching since it premiered and really enjoyed the first season.  It has definitely moved into one of my many shows that I have to watch every week and I always Dvr it so I do not miss it.  The second season is starting up on August 13th and I already have it set to record from my cable box.  Today (August 7th) Season 1 of Grimm came out on Blu-ray and Dvd.  So if you might have missed some episodes, didn't get a chance to catch the series or want to own it and watch it over again you can now get it online and in stores.  NBC actually also released a little video that will get people caught up with the story of the show and what has happened so far.  Now be warned that the video does contain spoilers but it also just shows you enough that it will make you want to go and see the actual episodes so you can experience the show for yourself. 

Source: youtube.com/nbcgrimm

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Reader Comments (2)

I just recently got into Grimm after lots of people telling me that it’s a show worth watching. It’s a show that started off slow and a little static but now it is really showing true staying power. Monday night’s premiere will be one that I won’t miss thanks to the Dish remote access app. It lets me stream live TV or what’s on my DVR straight to my iPad. A Dish co-worker actually made me aware of the app and so far it has been invaluable. I’ll be watching the season two premiere on the train ride home so I don’t fall behind. I’m really excited to see what secrets Nick’s mom will reveal that will help him understand the lineage of the Grimm’s better.

August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEsmee

I haven't watched it yet, but I should get into it. Everyone says it is good.

August 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterKyle Reese

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