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New "They Live" Artwork by Tom Hodge for Scream Factory's Upcoming Dvd/Blu-Ray Release


New "They Live" Artwork by Tom Hodge for Scream Factory's Upcoming Dvd/Blu-Ray Release

Ahhhhhhhhh (Droooolingggggg). Tom Hodge has done it again.  Today the new commissioned artwork for the upcoming Scream Factory release of They Live has been released and I am definitely digging it.  According to Scream Factory the Blu-ray and Dvd will be released on November 6th 2012 (Election Day).  Definitely seems like a fitting day for this release.  Also if you pre-order the film from Scream Factory you will receive a limited edition 18" x 24" poster of this Tom Hodge design for They Live.  The special features are not known yet but they should be announced within a month I would think, along with the pre-order link for the Blu-ray and Dvd.  Scream Factory has some sweet releases coming out that I can not wait for and so far they just keep announcing more films that I must own.  You can check out a bigger version of the poster below and be sure to check out the links for Scream Factory and of course Tom Hodge.

Website: thedudedesigns.blogspot.com/

Source: facebook.com/ScreamFactoryDVD

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