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Mondo's THE BEYOND Limited Edition Vinyl Review 

By: Venom Nemesis

Mondo's THE BEYOND Limited Edition Vinyl Review 

Recently Mondo decided to reissue a limited edition vinyl of "The Beyond" by Fabio Frizzi. When I saw the packing of the vinyl by Rob Jones (known for his work with Jack White on various projects) I was sold. If you know Mondo you know there stuff sells out super quick I'm talking seconds quick but to my shock & delight this release did not sell out as fast as normal. In fact it took about two hours to do so which is rare for a Mondo product. There 1500 vinyl's released and maybe that was contributing factor of why it dd not sell out fast cuz usually they have like 300 or less for thier releases. But I do know that of the 1500 pressings 1000 were of the common black variety and 500 were of the even limited blue variety variously sent to each consumer. So you don;t know per se which one you were going get. I got the black as you can see in the stock images I used below (all credit to the photographer) and speaking of vinyl pressing the record is on 180 gram vinyl which is super thick that I could prob throw the thing like a frisbee and cut your head clean off. I'm sure Lucio Fulci would be super proud. Down below you will see my review for "The Beyond" in the style I do and the stock images of the record below and as always... ENJOY!!!

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