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Psychological Thriller/Horror Film SICK PEOPLE Official Poster

By: Kyle Reese

Psychological Thriller/Horror Film SICK PEOPLE Official Poster

Here is a poster for the upcoming psychological thriller/horror film SICK PEOPLE. The film is about a neglectful nurse and how her mistreatment of her patients is now coming back to haunt her. You will have to figure out if the things that are happening are real or just her conscience getting to her. 

The poster isn't bad and it actually makes me want to find out more about the film. Unfortunately there is no trailer yet for the film, but we will be waiting for this one.

The film is directed by Ken Farrington and stars Parisa Johnston, Brian Cohen, Everett Thrall, Jeff Rose, Paul McComiskey, Tara Parker, Troy Halverson, Addy Miller, Sonya Thomson, Larry Mainland, Bill Pacer, Jeanne Wagnon Miyakawa, Helena Laurila Moore, LaDonna Allison, Eddie Deason.

SICK PEOPLE has a 2012 release year, but specific date is given. Check out the official poster for SICK PEOPLE after the jump.

Official website: Sick People

Other places to get news: Sick People Facebook

Synopsis: A doctor too disturbed to face his own father's terminal condition hires a morally and ethically bankrupt nurse to provide discreet end-of-life care in a seedy motel. Life for this nurse turns hectic as she finds herself pushed to the edge, questioning sanity and life itself, thinking after many years of neglecting and mistreating the sick and helpless… she may now be facing the consequences. 

Is the stress of this new assignment getting to nurse Cassie Glass -or- is her conscience starting to weigh her down from her past actions… -OR- is she really struggling between the dead and the dying?

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