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Official Poster For Indie Film MUCK

By: Kyle Reese

Official Poster For Indie Film MUCK

I really never post about a film unless there is a trailer or teaser to watch, but news is light and people might be interested in finding out about future projects. One of those projects is the indie film MUCK. The synopsis tells us that it will be about a group of friends trying to survive two evil forces. Doesn't sound original, but could be something cool if we see a trailer. The poster gives us a few images, but again can't really tell anything.

The film is written/ directed by Steve Wolsh and stars Gia Skova, Lachlan Buchanan and Stephanie Danielson.

We will try to gather more info, but until then check out the poster for Muck after the jump.

Official website: Muck

Other places to get news: Muck Facebook & Muck Twitter

Synopsis: After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground, long forgotten in Cape Cod, a group of friends emerge from the thick, marshy darkness, tattered and bloody, lucky to be alive. They have already lost two of their friends in the marsh, presumably dead. They stumble upon a dark, empty Cape Cod vacation home backed right up to the foggy marsh and they break in to take shelter inside. Whatever is in the marsh, is still after them, and soon after one of them goes for help, leaving the rest of the group to learn that the evil in the marsh is not the only thing out to get them. Something worse, something more savage, was laying in wait just outside the marsh, in the house. What happens next is unspeakable, horror that cannot be unseen. These unlucky travelers spend their St. Patrick's Day trapped between two evils forcing them to fight, die, or go back the way they came.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hey brother this isn't are poster. Yikes. I am big Igor's Lab follower.
Check out are Official poster here:

Or are latest Action Poster:

Actually, fans that LIKE our Facebook page can WIN this poster.
I would be happy to send to a proper file for either.

Also you forget to list that the cast includes, Horror Legend Kane Hodder, 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jaclyn Swedberg, and YouTube Darling Lauren Francesca.

Thanks man, write me for more details.

Steve Wolsh
August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Wolsh (Director)

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