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By: Kyle Reese


Here is a throwback. I remember when we use to go to horror conventions and dealers would pawn of old indie video movies as snuff films. I am talking the days of VHS, when we would look for underground films and they would sell us on the snuff aspect and real factor. I never purchased any of those tapes because I knew they were talking shit, but here we have a film called THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM that is using the killers found footage aspect and making you believe that two documentary filmmakers are putting this together. 

The film is directed by Edward Payson and they are not saying who is starring in the film to give us that documentary feel.

Check out the trailer for THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM and see if you believe if this is real of fake after the jump.

Official website: The Cohasset Snuff Film Facebook

Synopsis: The purpose of this documentary is to show the massive change that this video effected in the town of Cohasset. To examine, the original video footage that Collin made, weeks before the murders. Combined with interviews by people connected or involved with this story. Families, fellow classmates of Collin’s, the victims, and the police officers. 

Our documentary, The Cohasset Snuff Film titled after this shocking video that has become legend, wants to shine a light into the dark corners of Cohasset. An investigation into what could turn a 17-year-old teenager into a cold-blooded voyeur, and how one simple video could forever change a town.

Source: Anythinghorror 

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Reader Comments (1)

Why do I have a feeling that this is not going be as gory as the poster

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBanana Squid

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