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New Zealand Action/Horror Trailer RED VALLEY

By: Kyle Reese

New Zealand Action/Horror Trailer RED VALLEY

We got an e-mail from Matt Barnes, writer/director of a cool little fake trailer entitled RED VALLEY. The trailer is five-minutes long and was shot in nine shooting days with over 70 people involved. The trailer was shot on a shoestring budget and non of the actors got paid including the dud who was set on fire. 

According to Matt Barnes "RED VALLEY is intended as a bit of a pisstake of action/horror trailer tropes. So you get the viral outbreak, the hideous cannibal mutants and the elite squad of hot chicks in tight clothing sent in to rescue a General from mutant-held territory a la Escape From New York. Naturally, the General's name is "Carpenter".

The trailer is pretty good and well worth a watch. It has s a good sense of humor, the FX work isn't bad for no money, the acting work and the action is fun to watch. I mean who doesn’t want to see a fake trailer about cannibal mutants. 

Have a look at Matt Barnes RED VALLEY after the jump. Who knows maybe they will make this into a feature. I would watch that film. 

The film is written/directed by Matt Barnes and stars Bailey Palmer, Kathryn Jackson, Rachel Crofts, Claire Kirby, Amelia Jenkinson, Jason Gascoigne, Anrik Drenth, Chris Armstrong, Thomas P. McGrath, Troy Pahi, Kylie Klein-Nixon, Winham Hammond, Jacinth Rowland, Axl Sullivan, Corey Jeepers, Carly Robinson.

Synopsis: When a virus decimates humanity and turns survivors into cannibal mutant freaks, only five hot women in tight clothing can save us!

General Carpenter's plane crashes in mutant-held territory, the feared Hutt Valley. So the crazed Colonel Bay sends in his elite, all-female team to rescue him. Or his eyeball, at least.

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