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Prayers In the Dark - Trailer (2012)


Prayers In the Dark - Trailer (2012)

I watched this trailer over on Vimeo and wanted to share it here on the blog.  The film is labeled as the Exorcist meets Reservoir Dogs and is about a underground brotherhood that battles the demonic forces that thrive in the shadows of society.  I like the premise that this crew is proactive and goes out to battle demonic forces.  I mean evil is not going to play fair so why should the people fighting evil try not to be a little more gung-ho and sniff demons out before evil comes to them.  I'm just looking for a little more offensive attacks on demonic forces is all I'm saying.  You can check out the trailer for the indie film down below and head on over to the film's FB page to find out more information and updates as well. 

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Prayers-in-the-Dark

Directed By: Joaquin F. Palma
Screenplay By: Joaquin F. Palma & Alexander Fitchett 
Starring: Noshir Dalal, Amanda Mangum Greig, Don Simkovich, Eddie Diaz, Jon Lance Duran, Byron Vasquez Jr. and David Polcyn

Synopsis:  PRAYERS IN THE DARK - It's The Exorcist meets Reservoir Dogs in this suspenseful tale of an underground Brotherhood that battles the demonic forces that thrive in the shadows of society. On the eve of what’s to be the next "simple gig" to save the soul of young woman they find themselves unwilling up against an Evil more powerful than any one of them has ever seen - or so they think. Their faith is put to the test as they discover that the true path to redemption... is sacrifice!

Prayers In the Dark - Trailer (2012) from Wiser Post on Vimeo.
Source: vimeo.com/45666299

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