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Italian Horror Film THE PYRAMID (2012) Official Teaser

By: Kyle Reese

Italian Horror Film THE PYRAMID (2012) Official Teaser

Here is a Italian horror anthology film whose teaser trailer has got me hooked and wanting to find out more. The film is THE PYRAMID and the four episode anthology deals with demonic possessions, monstrous creatures, demons, portals, pestilence and catastrophic events. The Pyramid was discarded as a toy until a random guy figured out how to open it. 

The teaser shows us how the Pyramid key came to be and is shot really well. The five directors of the film are Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro, Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa. 

The film has a 2012 release date, but again no specifics. Check out the teaser trailer for THE PYRAMID after the jump.

Official website: Pyramid Facebook

Synopsis: THE PYRAMID is an anthological horror divided into four episodes strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death and destruction. Along the centuries the pyramid was the focus of terrible happenings and we found it again nowadays left on the desk of a fair abandoned like an useless toy.

Found by chance by an unfortunate guy; the pyramid opens the door to a series of terrible and unstoppable events which will lead human race to the verge of extinction.

Unanimated objects coming to life, demonic possessions, monstrous creatures, demons, portals, pestilence and catastrophic events: that's what you'll find in THE PYRAMID.

Source: HorrorSociety

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Reader Comments (2)

Came across the site looking for Italian horror films. Cool little site. Glad I found it. This film looks cool and I like anthologies I hope it comes to the US. Thanks for posting it.

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEyeBall

I liked this movie better when it was called Hellraiser

July 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBanana Squid

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