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Darksiders 2 Boss Fight Friday's (The Wailing Host and The Bone Giant Footage) *Contains Game Spoilers*


Darksiders 2 Boss Fight Friday's (The Wailing Host and The Bone Giant Footage) *Contains Game Spoilers*

Gametrailers.com has put out boss battle videos from Darksiders II the past two Friday's.  I am not sure how many videos they will do but I warn viewers that obviously if you do not want to see what any of the bosses look like then you might want to skip these videos.  Even though I have the game pre-ordered I have watched some of the footage because I was really curious and wanted to see how they look.  The first boss battle footage is of a creature named The Wailing Host.  He sort of has a Cthulhu look to him and of course this made me love the character.  Now the second boss footage is of a boss called Bone Giant.  Even though you can sort of imagine what this character might look like just from the name he might not look how you think at the beginning of the battle.  So if you are interested at how these two bosses look and maybe even want to get some tips on how to beat them, you can check out both videos down below.

Source: gametrailers.com/videos/yapxlv/darksiders-ii-boss-fight-fridays--wailing-host-walkthrough-part-i

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