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Cool NYC Based Post-Apocalyptic Web Series THE SILENT CITY

By: Kyle Reese

Cool NYC Based Post-Apocalyptic Web Series THE SILENT CITY

I told you before that I was a post-apocalyptic movie fan, well the is a web series that deal with survivors in post-apocalyptic NYC called THE SILENT CITY. They film in real abandon areas of NYC and the places they use can definitely pass for a post-apocalyptic world. The web series is two episodes in and is quite good. Each episode is about five minutes long, so have a look and get familiar with these guys because I think they have something here. This was a Kickstarter project, so shows you things do get made with your money. Check out both episodes after the jump.

Official website: The Silent City

Other places to get news: The Silent City Facebook & The Silent City Twitter

Synopsis: The Silent City is a 5-part webseries about the last living man as he travels through the post-apocalyptic ruins of New York City.

It is shot in the real-life abandoned, forgotten spaces of the 5 boroughs.

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