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ZOMBIU: Surviving Buckingham Palace & Search the Nursery Videos

By: Kyle Reese

ZOMBIU: Surviving Buckingham Palace & Search the Nursery Videos

I am not a fan of Nintendo's Wii system, but ever since they announced the game ZOMBIU I have been fighting with myself, trying to decide if I should buy one just for this game. ZOMBIU looks like it is going to be an awesome zombie game, one that will make zombie fans very happy and after watching these two clips (Surviving Buckingham Palace & Search The Nursery), I really want to get my hands on this game. 

The videos show some awesome gameplay and what we can expect as far as interaction with the new WiiU controller. I think that is my biggest sticking point about purchasing ZOMBIU, the fact that I have to use that damn controller, but I shouldn't critizes until I see how it feels playing the game. Will the WiiU end up like the Kinect I bought and haven't really used since I purchased it? Anyway...

The "Surviving Buckingham Palace" gameplay has the main character trying to get to Buckingham Palace and to get there he has to navigate through the streets of London full of Buckingham Palace guard zombies. The game play also shows where the WiiU controller comes into play by scanning for items and picking locks for example.

The "Search The Nursery" is just that, a video of the main character searching the nursery that is full of zombies. I do have to say I was waiting for a few child zombies, but did not see them in this video. I mean it is a nursery, yet no children. 

The game looks like it might have some creep factor and hopefully it will be another surprise zombie game like DEAD ISLAND was when it came out. Check out the Surviving Buckingham Palace & Search the Nursery gameplay videos after the jump.

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