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NIGHT ABOARD THE SALEM: A Supernatural/ Psychological Horror Kickstarter Campaign

By: Kyle Reese

NIGHT ABOARD THE SALEM: A Supernatural/ Psychological Horror Kickstarter Campaign

I got an e-mail about the Kickstarter campaign for a supernatural/psychological horror film called NIGHT ABOARD THE SALEM. The film has the twist of the SIXTH SENSE with the danger of films like SAW. Like all Kickstarter projects you get something for your money and NIGHT ABOARD THE SALEM ahs some cool ones like being a voice for a ghost. There are plenty of other things you can get with your pledges that are all reasonable. The other cool thing about this campaign is that a good portion of any profits from the film will go to the preservation of the U.S.S. Salem.

The film is produced by Joe Charbanic, directed by Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos, Joel Brook and stars Anna Shields, Jerry Dwyer, Vanessa Gall.

Check out the Kickstater campaign video, the ten minute promotional short INFESTED SHIP and hpw to fund the project after the jump.

Fund here: Night Aboard The Salem Kickstarter

Synopsis: Six paranormal investigators are trapped in a bizarre alternate existence inside the U.S.S. Salem, and we see their experience through the footage retrieved from their cameras…  They are not in the U.S.S. Salem in our world year in 2012.  The group is seeing their own ghosts; and they’re not even dead, yet!  As time goes on insanity begins to set in, and they begin to turn on each other…

  Official Page: http://www.dearskyyler.com/salemsnight/
  IMDb Page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2257736/
  Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NightAboardTheSalem/

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