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By: Ghostwound



     With the San Diego Comic Con in full swing now news is flowing like blood from Jason's machete, it's fitting to start with this story. Neil Gaiman who become famous worldwide with the success of Sandman, Gaiman has announced that there will be another Sandman series focusing on how the King of Dreams was captured in the very first issue of the series. I have one word about this. Sold!



     Well it seems like everyone was wrong about who the villain of the next Trek movie will be. Thanks to Karl Urban the surprise was ruined when he mentioned that it wasn't Khan (KKKKKHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!) but actually Benedict Cumberbach will be playing Gary Mitchell from the original series, which I think is even cooler than Khan. For spilling the beans, every time someone asks Urban about Star Trek he has to put a piece of tape over his mouth with the word Dredd over it. See below if you don't believe me!


     Speaking of Karl Urban, Dredd 3D had it's premiere at the SDCC and word is that it's super violent, gory, and just plain bad ass. As a bonus to all that, it is said that it's fun also. Can't wait!


     And now some sad news. Mads Mikkelsen is out of Thor 2 due to his schedule with Hannibal. Damn.


     Now one of the cooler stories breaking out of SDCC, Daniel Radcliffe has got the role of Ig in Alexandre Aja' adaption of the Joe Hill novel about a man who wakes one morning with horns protruding from his forehead and the power to influence people to do evil. Again Radcliffe is going in a much darker direction with his acting and taken on much darker roles and I'm on board for it.


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