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Limited Run A Brief 3-part History Of Mondo by The Good Folks at Machima

By: Venom Nemesis & Slowdeath77

Limited Run A Brief 3-part History Of Mondo by The Good Folks at Machima

I guess on IgorsLab I'm known as the Mondo fanboy (prob because of the stupid amount of collectibles I have acquired over the years). For those that don't know what Mondo is Machima did an execleent three part video series about them over on their youtube channel for San Diego Comic Con (with today being the last day). The vids debut on a different day during the Con and people were notified of the videos being posted by Mondo's twitter feed. The 3 videos do a good job explaining what Mondo is about and how they started and also feature an at length interview with legendary poster artist Drew Struzan. I wish these videos were longer and they should consider doing feature length documentary about their company because its just so damn cool and interesting. Also frequent contributor on here & good friend Slowdeath, over at the brother site of IgorsLab is more intellectual then I am, did a great write up on his site Horrorsmorgasbord on the vids better then I could and shouted me out so I copy+pasted what he had to say below (or in cool blog speak After The Jump).

Pt. 1

When the VenomNemesis told me that Machinima was doing a 3 part feature on Mondo I could not wait to see what they had in store.  The first part was released and it is without a doubt amazing and fascinating.  We get to hear about how Mondo started off and how they got into putting out classic posters with modern day artists who add their flavor to these iconic pieces of art.  In part 1 of the 3 part series we also get to hear from Drew Struzan as he tells us how he came up with and made a poster that I personally love so much and that poster is for John Carpenter's The Thing.  Recently Drew Struzan worked with Mondo for a 30th anniversary edition of his famous The Thing poster as part of the Summer of 1982 series that was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse.  I can not wait to see what part 2 has to offer but no doubt I will be sharing that and part 3 when it is released as well.  Definitely check out this series of video's from Machinima featuring Mondo because it is really done well and has great production value and content.



Back with part two of the three part series from Machinima featuring Mondo.  In this part we get to see some of the work that goes into producing one of Mondo's poster runs and let me tell you it is damn hard work.  I was blown away by the craftsmanship that the printer was doing and how much goes into making these limited run prints.  Sometimes I do notice that the prices on these prints are a little more than what I want to pay but now seeing this video I know that a lot of hard work went into making these posters and I have to say now that they are priced fair.  Check out part 2 of 3 of Machinima's feature on Mondo down below.  After part 3 is released I will be happy to watch it but a little sad that this will end, I definitely like hearing stories and seeing all this behind the scenes work.  It really fascinates me.



Nooooooo, I really did not want this video series to end but here we have the third and final installment to this very beautifully crafted look at Mondo.  I would have loved to see a whole documentary and maybe one day we will.  Great Job by Machinima and everyone involved in this project and I hope people enjoyed this 3 part series as much as I did.  You can view the final installment video down below.


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