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Crazy Man Runs Amok In The KILL MOUNTAIN Trailer

By: Kyle Reese

Crazy Man Runs Amok In The KILL MOUNTAIN Trailer

Here is an indie film about a group of friends and a killer who like to use not one, but two machetes. The trailer is more like a clip showing two of the friends running away from the killer before being caught up to and hacked down. We never see the killers face and I don't think he is wearing a mask, instead they use camera shots and the suns glare to block out the killers face.

The indie film is written/ directed by Mark Newton and stars Myles McLane, Linda Wong, Dino Vicencio, Tory N. Thompson, Chiquita Melvin, Devin Goodsell, Ashley Watkins, Jason Byrd, Pati Lauren.

The KILL MOUNTAIN trailer reminds me of horror trailers of old and I love they end the trailer with some 80's style music and just end the trailer. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think of the KILL MOUNTAIN trailer after the jump.

Official website: KillMtn (not up yet)

Other places to get news: Kill Mountain Facebook

Synopsis: A group of friends want to explore an area of the forest where a massacre happened the year before. The murders took place under a jagged mountain range now labeled "Kill Mountain" They find themselves fighting for their lives against an unknown attacker.

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