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Silent Hill: Anniversary Official Trailer (Silent Hill Fan Film)


Silent Hill: Anniversary Official Trailer (Silent Hill Fan Film)

Here we get to see a teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill Fan made film and it looks pretty good.  The film is directed by Jay Ness and it looks like it will be released September 24th 2012 through Machinima.  I have seen some fan made trailers for movies that fans would love to see and some are done very well.  Even some fan made short films are pretty good.  As a fan we always have ideas of how certain franchises might be improved or have ideas about a crazy pairing (Leatherface Vs Jason or Ash Vs Michael Myers) stuff like that that we know Hollywood will never do so fan made films definitely fill that "What If" void.  So check out the Silent Hill: Anniversary trailer below and be sure to check out the film's FB page for more information and updates.


Directed By: Jay Ness
Screenplay By: Jay Ness and Ryan Schneider
Produced By: Liz Akhavan, Jay Ness, Ryan Schneider
Starring: Chris Beck, Liz Akhavan, Samantha Larson, Katie Skradski, Ryan Ness

Synopsis: After receiving a letter from his deceased wife, James Sunderland is drawn to the mysterious town of Silent Hill. The now possessed town is where the couple spent their anniversary and had deemed it their "special place". He searches in hopes to find answers while encountering supernatural events, characters, and creatures that are a direct reflection of his inner personal and disturbing psyche.

Source: youtube.com/Machinima

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