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Even More Variant Covers For THE WALKING DEAD Issue #100

By: Kyle Reese

Even More Variant Covers For THE WALKING DEAD Issue #100

Two new variant covers for THE WALKING DEAD issue #100 were reveled today. The covers are by Sean Phillips & Bryan Hitch. Both covers have Rick on it and a massive amount of zombies, which can only mean one thing, someone is going to die. On Sean Phillips cover he has Rick with his son and Michonne. I am hoping that there is a lot of bloodshed to those characters we really don’t like.

Issue #100 of Robert Kirkman's THE WALKING DEAD comic will be released at San Diego Comic Con in July. Also check with your local comic book retailer and ask them to reserve you copies of the sure to be epic issue #100.

Check out all the seven variant covers Robert Kirkman's, sure to be epic, THE WALKING DEAD issue #100 after the jump.

Sean Phillips

Bryan Hitch

Todd McFalane

Ryan Ottley

Marc Silvestri

Charlie Adlard

Frank Quitely

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