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Help Fund The Sci-Fi Horror 3D Short Film MICROBE

By: Kyle Reese

Help Fund The Sci-Fi Horror 3D Short Film MICROBE

Here is an ambitious project. The name of the project is MICROBE, a sci-fi horror short film shot in 3D. The short is about a mission to Mars where the discover alien microbe in the ships atmosphere. One of the astronauts goes a little crazy and chaos ensues. All the action will be taking place in zero gravity making it a very good film for 3D. The money they are trying to raise is for what they need to make the film like a green screen sound stage, 3D camera, etc. Check out the Kickstarter video to learn more about the film and how to help fund the project after the jump.

Fund Microbe 3D

 Synopsis: MICROBE is a 3D short film about a near-future mission to Mars. After an accident releases soil containing alien microbes into the ship’s atmosphere, the astronauts exhibit odd behavior. When one of the astronauts starts attacking anything that moves, chaos consumes the mission. The film will simulate a microgravity environment, compounding the danger for the astronauts. The 3D will help bring the audience into this terrifying environment where there is no up or down.

The film stars Scott Peat, the star of the upcoming movie DEAD SEASON, and Joan Farrell, who has appeared in such films as WHITE T and DEATH TUNNEL. It was written and directed by DOUGLAS J. EBOCH, the writer of the video game NIGHTMARE COVE and the movie SWEET HOME ALABAMA.



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