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CAMP 139 Official Trailer

By: Kyle Reese

CAMP 139 Official Trailer

Here is a film about four teens and a not so friendly militant killing machine. The film is CAMP 139 and it deals with a military experiment that has been living in an abandon military hospital since World War II. The film is a throwback to old teen stalker films in my opinion and could turn out to be pretty descent.

The film is directed by Matt Adams stars Sarah Wilson, J. Lyle, Frank Prell, Victoria Paege, and Shane Dean.

The film has a 2012 release date, but does not say what month it will be released. Check out the official trailer for CAMP 139 after the jump.

Official website: Camp 139

Other places to get news: Camp 139 Facebook & Camp 139 Twitter

Synopsis: A drug fueled camping trip goes to hell when a militant killing machine stalks four teens through the wilderness, luring them toward an abandoned Army hospital.

Stacy (Sarah Wilson) and Brandon (J. Lyle Johnson) are pulled away from a weekend of romance when their classmates Haley (Victoria Paege) and Mike (Frank Prell) become captives of The Patient, a perverse medical experiment stemming from the government's post World War II research. 

With the help of Mike's slacker brother John (Shane Dean, DEADFALL TRAIL, DEATH FACTORY BLOODLETTING) they locate the hospital, making a last-ditch effort to save their friends - or die trying.

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whats up with all these indie trailers lately with bad voice over did the famous trailer guy die or is he to expensive

June 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLexicon Devil

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