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NES Cartridge ART at 72 Pins


NES Cartridge ART at 72 Pins

Have you ever wondered how some new generation video games would have looked on the NES?  Or maybe at least how their cartridge would have looked like.  Well over on 72 Pins artist use old NES carts as art canvases and put an 8-bit art spin on some recent games.  Now obviously the cartridge will not have the new gen game on it but you will get a mystery game to go along with your awesome art piece.  Of course I really love the survival horror category on the website but they have a ton of game genres you can check out. Each purchase goes to the specific artist that also came up with the games artwork as well.  I will put some examples below but to see all of the different covers you can head on over to the 72 pins website.

Website: 72pins.com/




Source: 72pins.com/

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