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Axe Wielding Necrophile-Cannibal Fool In TARTAR Teaser Trailer NSFW

BY: Kyle Reese

Axe Wielding Necrophile-Cannibal Fool In TARTAR Teaser Trailer NSFW

Here is a film where the murder has a definite skill for killing with an axe. The film is called TARTAR and even though not much is known about the film, we do see a axe wielding maniac chopping away on human flesh with his axe. There is also a scene which is kind of dark of the murderer sitting in the middle of what looks to be naked woman, but I can't tell hence the NSFW in the title of the post.

The only thing I can tell from the TARTAR teaser trailer is that the film is by Olavi Lehtimäki and they show a warning screen in the beginning of the trailer, also why I did the NSFW, and the voice over guy rocks. 

Check out the teaser trailer for TARTAR and watch the man throw an axe after the jump.

Synopsis: It is autumn 2011. A beastlike necrophile-cannibal axe murderer starts his endless killing spree and starts spreading terror among people of a little village called Tampere. Heads are chopped with every swing while he is battling against his own demons and trying to satisfy his lust to feast with flesh. Who can stop this maniac? Who will survive? Will anyone? One thing is sure. . .MEAT HAS NEVER BEEN THIS FRESH!

Source: Horrorpilot

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Reader Comments (1)

This looks so fucking epic I can't wait to see it or am I being sarcastic you be the judge america

June 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLexicon Devil

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