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IT'S IN THE BLOOD (2012) Review

By: AC

IT'S IN THE BLOOD (2012) Review

I am a big supporter of indie film and it is really cool to see well known actors showing their support and being in a film. To me that tells me something about the script, depending on the actor. Let’s face it some well known actors will take a role just for the cast, but when it comes to an actor like Lance Henriksen I have a feeling it is more about the role. I have to say that is my opinion for his film IT’S IN THE BLOOD an indie horror film that plays with your mind. 

The film is about a young man October (Sean Elliot) who comes back to see his dad Russell (Lance Henriksen) who have had a very troubled relationship due to a traumatic event in their past. They head out into the woods trying to rekindle their relationship when something happens leaving Russell injured. Now they must face their past demons to make it out of the woods alive. 

This review might contain some spoilers in the film from this point forward, please proceed with caution.

The use of the woods setting plays on the emotions and really masks the true nature of the film. The darkness makes it hard to see if there really is a creature or just a figment of their imaginations. The rural setting of Russell’s home and what I can imagine to be a very small population leads you to believe that the tragedy from the past is very mush possible. With the vast wilderness it is up to the characters to get their shit together to survive. 

The acting is really good. You get what you expect from Lance Henriksen, a very great performance and I don’t think I have seen him laughing in a film a much as I have seen him in this film. Sean Elliot does a good job keeping up with Henriksen and they pull of the father and son act with great chemistry. And they have to because the whole film is centered on their relationship and that troubled relationship plays out through out the film. 

Director Scooter Downey does a great job keeping us guessing what is going on in the woods and an even better job showing us what happened in the past. He did a good job letting his actors bring the film to life and building on their relationship through the lens. His directing style during those frantic moments is what really has me guessing. 

And guessing I was. This film will have you guessing, is everything that is happening real or in their heads. Is it the tragic event of the past manifesting itself into a hallucination or is there really something out there hunting them.  I am still trying to figure it out. How can both characters see the same thing if it were not real or because the tragedy happened to both of them they are both projecting this creature, entity to appear before them or is it all in their minds? Damn you guys, I am going to wrap my head around this film for a while trying to figure this out.

I was pleasantly surprised by the indie film and this is a definite watch if you see it playing at a festival near you or if it is available on DVD. IT’S IN THE BLOOD will have you guessing like me and will lead to good conversation. If anyone has seen this then let me know what you think about the film and if it was real or not. 

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Reader Comments (1)

Excellent review and I will def seek this out based on your recommendation

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterReverse Vampyre

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