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Interview w/ BUNNYMAN 2 Writer/Director Carl Lindbergh


Interview w/ BUNNYMAN 2 Writer/Director Carl Lindbergh

I have to say when I saw the BUNNYMAN 2 trailer I was really intrigued. Not only is there a guy running around killing people wearing a bunny suit, but he doesn't care who he kills. In the trailer for the film not only is he attacking females and male, but he is tacking his anger out on some school kids as well. I had to find out more about the film and decided to contact writer/ director Carl Lindbergh to find out about the film. You can see our interview with Carl below.

IgorsLab: We always like to start off with this question. Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Carl Lindbergh : I started making films professionally about 10 years ago. 10 years later, I have four feature films to my credit, and two more in the pipeline. So far, so good.  

IL: What got you into the horror film business? Was there a particular film or director? 

CL: I grew up on all the 80's classics, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween etc. However, the one film that inspired me to become a filmmaker was Star Wars. One day I hope to make a epic science fiction film. Until that point, I'm working within the horror genre, and I've grown to really respect the genre. It's a genre that doesn't get much respect, but really deserves more appreciation. The good horror films generally have a very distinct visual style, something you don't find in other genres such as romantic comedies. 

IL: Your first film was SHADOWS OF THE DEAD, but BUNNYMAN got you noticed and know you have BUNNYMAN 2. How the hell did you come up with the concept for the Bunnyman films? 

CL: It started with the idea of wanting to create a unique antagonist. That was the basis for Bunnyman 1. Bunnyman 2 runs with that idea, refines it, and brings into the franchise a dark sense of humor (which that was hinted at in part 1). From this point onward, the Bunnyman franchise I believe will be defined for its dark sense of humor, as much as the title character.  

IL: We have seen BUNNYMAN, but can you tell us about BUNNYMAN 2 and what we can expect?

A better film :) I took what worked with part 1, which admittingly wasn't much, and built on that for Bunnyman 2. Bunnyman 2 is really a chance to make the film what the original Bunnyman should have been. There are more deaths and gore, but what matters to me as a filmmaker, are better characters. There is a stronger sense of place, a moodiness, and a sense of despair that permeates the entire film.   

IL: The villain is wearing a full on bunny suit. How did you decide that was the costume for you and did you have other costume ideas other than a bunny costume? 

CL: The entire genesis of Bunnyman 1 was the suit. The school bus scene was the genesis for Bunnyman 2. This is usually the case for all of my films, to start with a single idea, and build a film around it. 

IL: I have to imagine acting in that suit in what looks like very hot weather must be killer. How did the actor Joshua Lang manage and how the hell did he see out of that huge head? 

CL: We both spent equal time in that suit. There is something called a Bunnyman rash, that you can only get from wearing the suit.... but I won't go into details on that one. We had a difficult location shoot, to put it mildly. We were dealing with 120 heat, and putting that suit on in that kind of weather, well you start to see things.... things that don't exist :) The visibility is a issue in the suit, but you take comfort knowing that the crew knows to have a exit plan, especially when you're coming at them with a chainsaw in a confined space such as a school bus. 

IL: I am sure you learned a lot after the first Bunnyman film, for filmmakers out there what was the one thing you learned that you took into BUNNYMAN 2? 

CL: Story wise, realizing no one gives a damn about the "stranded kids in the woods", and making sure part 2 revolves around the crazy family.  

Production wise, a longer shooting schedule really helped. I also limited the locations we shot at, although looking at Bunnyman 2, you would guess we used twice as many locations.  

IL: I have to give credit to all you indie filmmakers out there. How hard is it trying to get an indie film made? And what are your biggest obstacles? 

CL: I always equate making a movie like going to war. It's not fun for me shooting films on these small scales, since at this stage every small resource I have is strained to the breaking point. Further complicating things, I'm producing the film as well, so all the shit rolls uphill for me to deal with. I find, time and money are the biggest obstacles in making a indie film. I've also realized with Bunnyman 2, you really need to hire professional crew members. It doesn't matter if someone is passionate if they don't have any idea what they are doing.  

IL: It looks like you have a good cast. Can you tell us about the cast? 

CL: I am pleased with all the actors’ performances in Bunnyman 2. I'm not sure I can really tell you anything you wouldn't find on IMDB. I will say they all showed up, knew their lines, improvised and added to their characters.  

IL: How do you cast for a film like BUNNYMAN 2? And what are the actor’s first impressions when they hear what the film is about? 

CL: I don't use sides from my films. I write my sides to show the range of the actors. I make sure I don't cast anyone with an ego, or anyone who even hints at giving me any attitude. I make sure they are acting because they have an appreciation for the art, and are not in it for the money or fame.  

I'm sure their first reaction to a film called Bunnyman, is they roll their eyes. Then they see the trailer, and realize it's not done in a cheesy way. 

IL: I have not seen BUNNYMAN 2, but I am looking forward to it. Are we looking at a trilogy here and if so do you already have a story in your head? 

CL: Yes, there is more Bunnyman on the way. There is a script, and I'm ready to go once financing is secured. I've always viewed Bunnyman as a franchise, and they will all have different locations, different characters (other than the title character), and different story lines. I'm not just going to regurgitate the same plot over and over again. That's one misconception about Bunnyman 1. I don't feel the need to wrap up every characters storyline, or explain everything in the film since "the story" of Bunnyman is spread out over multiple films. 

IL: What is next for Carl Lindbergh? 

CL: Bunnyman 3 or Blood Angel, whichever film secures financing first. Both films are completely different from one another aesthetically. Bunnyman 3 can be considered dirty and violent, while Blood Angel is sleek and sexy. You can say the Bunnyman films are inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Blood Angel is inspired by the Hellraiser films.  

IL: Where can we see BUNNYMAN 2? 

CL: Bunnyman 2 will come out in the fall. No distribution plans are finalized just yet, since I'm still going over the various distribution offers on the table.  

IL: What advise can you give people looking to get into the horror business? 

CL: Be prepared for the long haul. I think there is a misconception you can just strike in rich right off the bat. I think the better mentality to have, is to realize you will have to make multiple films over the span of years and years. You have to refine your talents, and focus on your strengths, and hire people to compensate for your weaknesses. To think you can make a great film right of the gate, to think you can nail every facet of a production your first time trying, is a detrimental way to go about launching your film career. 

Thank you to Carl for his time answering our questions and to find out more info about BUNNYMAN 2 head other to their Facebook page.

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Very good and insightful interview viva la bunnyman

May 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterReverse Vampyre

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