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3 Rules Of Social Networking - Backslasher Trailer


3 Rules Of Social Networking - Backslasher Trailer

Here is an indie film that looks like it will have some hot women and some bloody kills so really the best of both worlds.  I do not see an official release date as of yet for the film as I believe that they are working on getting distribution.  So for now you can check out the trailer below and also check out the film's links to find out more information on the film and keep up with new updates. 

Website: backslasher.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/BackslasherFilm

Directed by: Tim Cowles
Written by: Tim Cowles
Starring: Ina Maria Brekke, Simon Britton and Emily Eaves

Synopsis:  When blogaholic Becca starts her lingerie business, she thinks she's got it made. With thousands of contacts already in her online ‘friends list’, and best friend Ruby managing girls at an adult chat channel, she figures she'll have plenty of customers. But when a slew of seemingly unconnected killings take place, the police get suspicious as their only connection is Becca’s online ‘friends list’. As Becca’s 'friends' start adding their bodies to the pile Becca’s made prime suspect. But she’s not the murderer. A homicidal maniac is having a killing spree, adding each victim as a friend before murdering them. When Becca finally makes the connection and uncovers the chilling secret surrounding Backslasher, will she be too late to save herself? 

Source: youtube.com

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