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LOVELY MOLLY (2012) Review

By: AC

LOVELY MOLLY (2012) Review

Friday Night I headed over to The Film Society’s screening of Image Entertainment’s newest horror film LOVELY MOLLY. The screening is a week ahead of the normal release date of Friday May 18th, so I get a chance to offer a review fro you to decide if the film is worth watching. The film is by writer/director/ editor Eduardo Sanchez of Blair Witch Project fame. I haven’t been scared by a horror film in a long time, so I went with a small group to gage their reaction to the film. What was their take of the film? Read the review below to find out. 

The film is about a newlywed couple Tim (Johnny Lewis) and Molly (Gretchen Lodge) who moves into Molly’s childhood home. After three months of living there, strange things start to happen or at least Molly thinks it is happening. Events transpire that render Molly insane and the film ends in a very Blair Witch Project kind of way. 


The film starts off with Tim & Molly’s wedding. Short video camera shots of the event bring us from the start of the wedding all the way to the move into Molly’s childhood home. Tim is a truck driver and is away for days at a time so they had an alarm system installed because the house is in a remote area. One day out of the blue the alarm goes off and the couple decides to try and check it out before being spooked and calling the cops. Nothing happens, but now Molly begins to hear things. One night there is a kid crying coming from the closet in her old childhood bedroom. After she opens the door and goes in that is when the craziness happens.

She starts to claim that she is seeing her dad again, who was killed by her sister (we learn that later in the film) because he was molesting Molly.  Molly’s dad is back torturing Molly and sexually abusing her. No joke, but Molly is completely naked for about twenty five percent of the film and I don’t know if that is because of her father or if she is just so high on drugs that she doesn’t know what is going on. 

We learn that Molly not only had a drug problem in the past, but she was also institutionalized in a mental hospital and I believe it was for the same seeing things issue. There are things in the film to suggest that she is not crazy, things caught on video like a door opening on its own, but we never see anything manifest on screen. There are times when Molly claims to see her father while Tim is there, but nothing ever happens to Tim and he never sees anything.

There are a lot of P.O.V. video camera shots in the film and one reminded me of old 80’s serial killer films when the killer would stalk his victim and just video tape every aspect of the victim’s life. In the film Molly is stalking a woman and her two children, but she focus on a young girl, maybe seven years old, which was kind of creepy, but we find out why later.

The other P.O.V. shot that was straight out of Blair Witch Project was when Molly is crying into the video camera, scared of what is coming for her. As soon as I saw that I thought of Heather Donahue’s scene in Blair Witch Project. You can’t help but to think of that film when watching Lovely Molly. There are differences between the two films.

I thought that the music score played a big part in the film and it did really help the films tense moments. The one thing I did not like about the soundtrack and I am counting the fathers voice as part of the soundtrack, was the way her dad spoke trying to be creepy. It sounded more like someone trying to scare a kid and maybe that is what they were going for, but not scary at all. In fact I did not find the film to be scary period. The people I was with got a little jumpy, but even they weren’t scared and they are easily frightened. 

The film was a very slow burn to the ending, which got bloody towards the end, but the payoff was kind of predictable. The bloody parts came from a few scenes. The first is Molly going to town on a deer she has in the basement. I don’t know how she got the deer down there or how she lifted it up to tie it to the ceiling, but she does stab it repeatedly. The second was when she tried to bite the lips off of Tim while they were kissing, very psychotic. Lastly there was a preacher that married them in the beginning of the film and tried to help Molly in the film. Molly tries to seduce him. He comes back later and she is waiting for him outside fully naked. After they have sex he ends up dead in the bathtub thanks to Molly. He has some cult like symbols carved into his skin.

Molly also kills Tim by sticking a screw driver into the back of his head. She leaves the video camera in their bedroom showing Tim getting head. While Tim is watching the video Molly knocks him out. After Molly takes him out upstairs she drags his ass all the way down to the basement putting the screw driver into the back of his head while he is apologizing. After Molly kills Tim, Molly buries the seven year old and we see Molly videotaping the cops digging the girl out. 

They end the film in my opinion twice. The last shot we see of Molly is her going out, naked again of course, to a figure in her front lawn who I assume is her father wearing a mask of some sort. This is to give of the illusion that there is really some sort of occult supernatural stuff in play. The second ending is when we see her sister Hannah (Alexandra Holden), who I really didn’t talk about because she is there just to move the story along, even though she has a big role in the film, goes to the house at the end of the film and beings hearing voices in the closet in the old kids room. Hannah begins to enter the closet and role credits. Sniff, Sniff, do I smell a sequel? Only if this film makes money and if people feel the same about the film that I do I am going to say no. 

Eduardo Sanchez makes an attempt at trying to find gold he once found with The Blair Witch Project, but in my opinion falls short. There were some good ideas in the film, but the film just lacked scares. There is more that happens in the film that I did not touch on, but I think I focused on what horror fans wanted. For all the marketing that they were doing for the film, all the documentary style clips about the house and the occult that wasn’t a very big part of the film, almost non-existent and that is the shame.

The film falls short for me as a horror film, but there are no horror films coming out in theaters, so if you are looking to see a horror film then you can see Lovely Molly, or you can just stay home. 

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Those weren't cult marks carved onto him. They were bite marks.

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLjs

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