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The HAUNTED SHIP Goes From Short To Feature Film

By: Kyle Reese

The HAUNTED SHIP Goes From Short To Feature Film

I haven't watched the short film yet, but it must have gotten a lot of attention because the guys behind the short film HAUNTED SHIP are turning it into a feature film. The ship U.S.S. Salem is said to be really haunted and the guys from Ghost Hunters even did an investigation on the seven hundred foot ship. The filmmakers Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos and Joel Brook are shooting the film and I belived they filmed the short on the actual U.S.S. Salem. 

No word yet if the old cast will return or if there will ba a new cast, but wew ill let you know.

Until then check out the supernatural short film HAUNTED SHIP after the jump.

Synopsis: The cast and crew of a reality TV show are sealed into the haunted ship, the U.S.S. Salem, from sunset to sunrise. They intend to film a Halloween special; but instead, they become victims of a supernatural predator who turns them against each other and begins to kill them off one by one. . .

Source: BD

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