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Exclusive New Photos From Deftone's OMBIS

By: AC

Exclusive New Photos From Deftone's OMBIS

I receveived an e-mail from fellow New Yorker Adam R Steigert giving us a few exclusive photos from his newest in production film OMBIS. We have been following this project for a while now and from seeing a few trailers and photos from the film I have to say it looks good. The FX work doesn't look like a small budget film as you can see from the trailer.

If you live in the Buffalo area and are attending the first annual Beyond Ghost ParaHorror weekend on May 26th 2012 you will be able to meet the crew and check out the alien mutant live. Don't worry the alien will be caged. 

Have a look at three new photos from the film and the press release that goes into detail about the OMBIS film below.

Press release:

DefTone Pictures Studios announces supermodel Melyssa Jade has signed on to do a cameo in the upcoming epic feature film Ombis. Melyssa Jade was winner of the Miss Hawaiian Tropics USA. She has been featured on Animal Planet, is soon to be the star of her own reality television series and has appeared in many commercials. Melyssa Jade plays Savannah, a young attractive woman, who enters a local Metzburgh gym. She quickly finds herself victim to the plague known as Ombis. 

DefTone Pictures Studios is embarking on a new marketing strategy for the production of Ombis. This includes you becoming part of the film! All you have to do is log on to www.deftonepicturesstudios.com and fill out the “Become an Extra” form.  The extra roles include being a Metzburgh villager, a victim, or an Ombis slime mutant! 

Ombis cast and crew will appear at the first annual Beyond Ghost ParaHorror weekend taking place at Buffalo’s historic Central Terminal on May 26th 2012. The Central Terminal has been featured on Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters.  During the event, you can get a look live and in person at a caged Ombis slime mutant! Check out http://www.beyondghosts.com/paracon_movie.shtml

Richard Winiatowski who plays the “Nemesis” character in Ombis released a statement about the status of the production “the whole process of transforming me into my character "Nemesis" has been an amazing experience thus far. Being new to the Deftone "Family", I had no idea what to expect. Everyone I have worked with along the way has been amazing. They have done a fantastic job in turning a concept into reality. My height provided them with many challenges and they have been able to turn it into a positive. It's been exciting for me personally because everytime we get together another piece of my character becomes a reality. I have yet to see the finished product but I can assure you that the viewers of Ombis are in for a treat.” What exactly is the “Nemesis”?  The “Nemesis” is a creature from an alien world which has been sent to earth to stop the spread of the alien virus called Ombis. The creature has no regard for the human race and has been sent to contain the spread of the “destroyer of worlds” which is Ombis. The alien life form stands at almost seven feet and towers over normal humans. 

Sara Manzella who play’s one of the leads of the film had this to say “My role in Ombis is Lucy, a high school girl just trying to make it with an unstable family situation. Her personality is whinny but her heart is in the right place when horror strikes her home town. The role my character plays in the film Ombis is the "screamer" a shy, girl next door who keeps her high school boy friend in check throughout the film.” 

At the end of May 2012 DefTone Pictures Studios will be releasing a three minute finished scene of the film. Steigert (Director) stated “I can’t say at this time what the scene will have in it, many of our digital effects shots are currently being edited so it might be one of those. A lot of people have been asking about the Ombis slime mutants if we could show a clip of them attacking people. Sadly no scenes of the creatures attacking people will be finished filming till April which would give the editors not a lot time to edit and give their best work so that will have to wait till October  2013, but I will promise the fan’s wouldn’t be unpleased in the choice we do pick (laugh).” 

Check out the new teaser trailer from DefTone Pictures Studios http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TqRSLG0bgY

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