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Exclusive: OMBIS Photos & Press Release

By: AC

Exclusive: OMBIS Photos & Press Release

Since Kyle posted the teaser trailer and OMBIS creature back in December we have been waiting to see more from the guys at Deftone Pictures, well today we got an e-mail with exclusive photos from the film. The photos are some behind the scenes set photos showing how they do some of the miniature FX.

The film is directed by Adam R Steigert and Steigert, Janeen Avery, Mark Mendola and Terry Kimmel.

Upstate NY is starting to become a hot bed for horror which is good too see. You can see the exclusive photos and press release below.

 OMBIS news: Deftone & Facebook.

Press Release:

DATE: January, 17th 2012

DefTone Pictures Studios announces a release date for the most ambitious project in the company’s history, a feature-length film entitled Ombis.  October 13th 2013 has been slated for the theatrical release. This next film from the award-winning studio is gearing up to be epic in scale as the studio releases details on production locations.

Ombis is a 1950’s style alien invasion film in which a life form crash lands in Metsburgh, a village whose glory days are long past. It begins to infect the towns-folk, making them host to a supernatural virus. The virus is not the only thing that has invaded this small community. A creature known only as the “Nemesis” has also arrived in an attempt to contain the alien plague which originated from its home planet. It is up to a small group of un-infected survivors to fight the invasion and make it out alive.

"The Ombis script has received rave reviews from the cast, crew and others who have had the opportunity to read it. DefTone Pictures Studios has been given the first filming rights to shoot in ‘Silo City’. Silo City is a series of grain elevators which are remnants of Buffalo New York’s illustrious industrial history which had its golden era from the 1830’s through the mid 1930’s.  Currently, these huge mills stand unused but are in the process of being looked at for future development and we are excited to be the first film crew to shoot a feature film using this location. The Village of Angola New York also will once again set the stage as it reprises its role from The Final Night and Day (2011) as Metsburgh” says Producer/Location Manager Janeen Avery.

Ombis is based on a short story by Adam R Steigert and is written by Steigert, Janeen Avery, Mark Mendola and Terry Kimmel. Principal filming on special effects has begun but does not include any performances by the lead actors/actresses. The introduction scene of the film is currently being edited and contains a combination of both special effect shots and computer graphic imagining. DefTone Pictures Studios will be releasing in March of 2012 merchandise from the film which will include limited edition t-shirts, an exclusive Ombis poster, and the Ombis virus in a test tube. 

Phill Beith, make-up effects supervisor and a graduate of the Tom Savini School of Art, provides an update and thoughts on the production: “With only two months left before the first shooting date we (myself and make-up artist Jill Jovic) are literally working around the clock to design the ‘Nemesis’ from head to toe as well as the rest of the effects in the film. I'm excited to be involved in such an ambitious project, albeit a little nervous.  Adam basically gave me a description of what he wanted and I just ran with it.  So far everyone on the crew seems to be impressed with my sculpture of the Nemesis’ look.  I don't want to give anything away but working on this film is every horror and sci-fi lovers dream come true!" 

For more information regarding Ombis and all of DefTone’s other films and merchandise, visit deftonepicturesstudios.com

Currently in production Ombis.  View a teaser trailer: http://youtu.be/Svd-TKBVr-s


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